Friday, May 6, 2011

Affordable attention grabbing table signs

We have custom designed a number of color changing signs designed to fit on tables, desks, and counter tops. Each sign can flash to really grab attention or can be toned down to slowly change colors and create a mood. You can always just have the remain a solid shade as well.

Our edge lit signs are made with your choic of graphics. Just downloand your logo file during checkout. Other signs we make, like our miniature billboards, are made with solid acrylic and will not yellow in the sunlight over time.

Visit our site now and get one of our affordable LED signs for your next tradeshow or store display window. Our new modern style of design will help your brand stand out in a world of dull signage. Choose one of our standard designs or dream up your own and let us know about your idea.

For more information visit us online and be sure to fan us on facebook to see updates on our latest designs, promotions, and more.