Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glowing LED sushi and cocktail bar installation

BarChefs has just completed a custom designed DMX controlled LED sushi and cocktail bar for Asia Cafe in Knoxville, TN. This bar was built using translucent solid surface fabrication and American DJ lighting products sold on our site at

Lighting controls located in the main office allow the bar's staff to activate different programs with the touch of a button. Also, they have options that allow the entire bar to beat with music, which can be a lot of fun when live bands are playing.

Below is a link to a short demo video of the bar. Be sure to visit our facebook page at for more photos and information.

If your looking to take your bar or club design to the next level, contact our staff to discuss what your looking for. We design and fabricate from the ground up. If you need out of this world bar lighting you need BarChefs. Get colorized today!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glowing liquor bottle displays for back bar lighting

BarChefs is now making a full line of tiered back bar displays with full LED lighting. Our displays are not wooden like what you typically see. We take it a step further with full solid acrylic construction. We hand craft the lighting poles in each system to eliminate any hotspots. Our displays will glow on every single side.

These glowing bottle displays come with everything you will need and ready to operate out of the box. Just use the remote control to adjust your bottle shelf to it's desired color. They can color fade, color jump, strobe, or remain virtually an static color you desire.

We can now custom engrave any of these units, in house, with your companies logo if needed. Custom sizes are available upon request. We offer standard sized in a variety of single, double, and triple tiered versions. For commercial bar use just contact us with your desired specs and will build to fit. Visit for details.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

LED Light Up Garnish Tray

The BarChefs LED lighted garnish tray will make your bar fruits look oh so good. The panels make this a great product for branding, which can be done for a a few dollars at most local sign shops. Alternatively, we can custom engrave on any of the garnish tray's panels during construction. Custom engraving can make for some very cool visuals when garnish tray glows.
This glowing condiment tray comes full assembled with wall plug and remote. Just plug it in and your ready to glow. All six of the tray's condiment cups are removeable for sanitization.
To purchase this unit visit For more information on custom designs and sizing contact us.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The glowing cube by BarChefs

BarChefs has now released 2 new versions of their glowing LED cubes. Glow cubes are made with solid acrylic panels and include everything in one easy to operate package. Optional protective transport bags are even available for event companies frequently moving them around.

The insides feature a custom designed LED lighting pole designed to eliminate hot spots, as opposed to shining one bright light inside. Each peace includes a remote control that gives you numerous options like 20 static colors, color jump, color fade, strobe, brightness, and speed control.

When ordering you can choose a wall plug version or upgrade with a rechargeable battery. Depending on the battery size you can run a glow cube up to 12 hours or more, on a single charge. Wall plug versions are completely sealed on all 6 sides for ease of care, operation, and placement. Rechargeable versions have a small centralized hole on one side to allow access to your battery.

While any size can be custom ordered, many standard sizes are now available direct in our glowing furniture store.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glowing high boy cocktail tables

Introducing the glowing cocktail table. This peace will definitely wow your crowd, no matter what the occasion.

The table comes ready to glow any color with the push of a button. Green, pink, purple, red, aqua, blue, you name it! You can also fine tune it's glow color to match specific shades on demand, or set it to a fading or color jump pattern.

The current models come standard with a rechargeable battery. This means no cords to trip over and a clean appearance. However, you can always plug it into a wall if prefered.

Our glowing cocktail table is constructed with a durable 3/8'' solid acrylic and solid aluminum base that is powder coated in your choice of colors. You'll find an easy access battery box on the base for your rechargeable battery.

The BarChefs high boy cocktail tables stand 42'' high. The body is 12x12x36, and the table top area measures 4.5x20x20. We can also design this table in custom sizes upon request.

Our cocktail table is designed to create a solid lighting appearance with minimized hotspots. That means the table glows with no no indication of where the high output LED lighting is located. What's better is that the table base is removeable for maintenance. We don't think you'll ever utilize that feature, but we think it's cool.

Just visit our site for instant bulk discounts starting at just 2 units or more, photographs, and demonstration videos.