Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is how you build an awesome light up bar surface

BarChefs, a light up furniture fabrication company, is constantly designing different bar surfaces and light up counters for venues, restaurants, and nightclubs. Here's an awesome futuristic style acrylic bar surface that was designed for Flame nightclub. The zig zag lighting bars inside create hundreds of different visuals. This design was created to be assembled on site in 4 sections and features all the standard bar needs like depressed spill mats and a wooden substrate for easy mounting to your bar base.

The magic motion lighting controls can change colors, speed, shapes, directions, and much more. The only way to really understand it watch the video demonstration linked here.

Andy Lakatos, the owner of BarChefs, explains that these  bar surfaces can be ordered in any length and depth. Just get your sizing down and give them a call with your design ideas. Lighting the bar not only brings excitement but is a proven generator for increasing sales.

You can find them on most social sites or direct at

Thursday, July 25, 2013

LED Lighted DJ Booth Facades is always on the leading edge of Light Up Furniture & Product design and our new line of LED DJ Booth Facades do not disappoint. Above is video footage from one of popular sizes we fabricate.

Design starts in house where we weld the solid aluminum frame. Next, each unit is taken to be powder coated in your choice of colors, then topped with a clear coat for protection. Finally, they head back to our fabrication shop and get LED lights, adjustable height feet, acrylic panels, and all the finishing touches. You can add branding as well if desired.

Each DJ façade is designed to fold up for transport taking up the least amount of space possible. The aluminum frame means most of the units are easy to lift.

Our metal frame Light Up DJ booths will set you apart from the competition. If you have more questions be sure to get in touch. You can view videos and photos of all our DJ Tables and Facades by clicking here.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The party table that lights up!

Introducing the new light up party table. Why do we call it the party table? It's designed to be at working height for people like the DJ, catering company, bartender, etc... This can be a real back saver.

The really exciting design features a super solid aluminum frame making this table very hard to damage and sturdy. The lighted acrylic panels in the table will really kick it up a notch. You can make each panel section glow any color or they can alternate through various colors of the rainbow. Check out our awesome light up party table now! can also customize any of our light up tables to fit your desired specifications. We are the factory and have worked with numerous architectural and design firms.