Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Portable Peg Board Display Wall that Lights Up

We are taking peg board walls to new heights with this LED Light up peg board design. Easy to transport, set up, and change colors. If you don't want your customers just walking by your products then this new LED display is just for you. Make it blink, flash, fade, or just stay solid colors. The easy to remove triangular bases can be installed or removed in seconds with just two thumb screws making them great for tradeshows.

Each board is 72x36 and has 105 holes for pegs. You'll get 120 pegs in case you loose a couple. The pegs even start to glow when inserted so it's really fun to see the unit with it's lights changing. When off the unit appears as just a clear wall but the magic happens when you turn it on. We use some of the same materials touchscreen monitors are designed with to achieve this cool lighting effect. Since we are the manufacturer we can custom design these to your companies specifications as well. Brand it, light it, and sell more of your products with our LED Portable Light up Peg Board Walls.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Up Light Series LED Shelves

It's no secret that is the king of light up shelving and we are adding a new line of LED shelves available in 12" incremements. The new "UP Light Series" shelves are named so because powerful rows of LED lights are focused straight up where you need it most. If your in the bar industry you want to increase sales to the max and if your customers don't see your product they will not buy it. That's why we have created a shelf that will focus your customers eye balls where you want them most.

These shelves are solid cast acrylic and will not yellow over time and have  high gloss solid white surfaces when the lights are off. The shelf sits flat on any typical shelf bracket and they measure 9" deep and just under 3/4" thick (.708). Change them to any color on demand with the touch of a button. For more information visit click here.