Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Qaulity LED Lighting Supplier here in the USA

Did you know that carries all the popular flexible LED lighting strips right here in the USA. We service, warranty, and even provide phone support for all of our products. With the wide abundance of LED tape available there is an even wider gap in quality. Go with BarChefs a leading supplier of LED lighting and a trusted name in the industry. For more information on all of our LED light strips and controllers click here. Get help on the phone or watch any of our quick instructional lighting videos on each product's page.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Light Up Party Rental Decor is a leading supplier of acrylic columns, pedestals, and decor. Our designs offer many benefits for party rental companies.

These are not just open boxes. Everything is designed for ease of operation. On the bottom of our lighted mini columns you'll find everything is sealed in and ready for plug and play operation. We'll save you labor right off the bat. Next each unit is designed with recessions underneath to house a rechargeable batteries. We all know you don't want cords running through the place so we have that covered as well. Your rechargeable battery pops in quickly for cordless operation.

The new mini columns are 12x12x32 and can be used a straight lighted decor, LED drink tables, and more. The small size allows easy transport to and from your special events.

If your party rental company is looking for the latest in light up decor and furniture products then look no further!

Built in the USA and ready to help you increase your bottom line. Check out today!

Light Up Liquor Bottles Steps for Back of the Bar

At you can choose virtually any type of light up liquor bottle shelves known to man. We offer 1,2,3, and 4 level bottle steps in 12" increments up to 8' long. Just choose the light up display that fits your back bar area. If we don't have the exact size you want then just give us a call and we'll custom build to your sizes. We are the largest builder of solid acrylic back bars in the USA with volume comes benefits like better craftsmanship, proven designs, lighting with not hotspots, better pricing, and an overall better buying experience for your brand. Check out all of our lighted shelving designs today.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Light Up Shelf Designs

Consider adding t0 the atmosphere of your home with some light up shelves. We offer a huge selection of single or multi level wall mount and floating style shelves with color changing LED lights. Also, check out our counter top step style shelving designs.

Most of the shelves we carry are ready to purchase in lengths of 1 to 8 feet, in any 12 inch increment. If one of those sizes does not fit your needs contact us and we can custom size any of our shelving units.

The shelving lights even change color, so when you want to change
it up, just click the remote for any color on demand, or you use the fun color changing light programs to alternate.

Most of our floating LED shelves include hardware. See the products description page for details.

Counter top lighted shelves are made to rest on your counter and come not only in 12" increments, but every size in 1 to 3 tiers as well.

A crowd favorite is our edge lit shelving series which appear clear when the lights are off. The same material has been used in the production of touchscreen systems. looks forward to helping you with all of your light up shelf designs. Architects, business owners, and savvy home shoppers are going to love us.