Sunday, August 10, 2014

Light Up Cubes for Party Rentals

Light up party rental cubes

While this is definitely one of our more simple designs we still offer a light up a cube that is of much higher quality than our nearest competitors.

To begin with there are many similar versions being produced in China and imported in. These are typically built with PE material or plastics. The lighted cubes produced by are built with 100% cast acrylic and never any plastics. Cheaper plastic light cubes will have wavy surfaces, a milky appearance that will yellow over time, and are more flimsy. Our acrylic cubes will never yellow in the sunlight, have a super flat surface, and the material appears as a modern high gloss surface that you can not see through. The materials used are a key difference in the cost differences.

Next, all of barchefs cubes come standard with built height adjustable feet while the competition has nothing. The means you can level the cube on uneven surfaces and protect if from damaging surfaces.

When it comes to lighting there are many choices on the market. Many so called lighted cubes may not include lighting and require the customer to provide it, while some may have a small light that just sits on the floor. Others may even only include single color lighting. The options may be satisfactory for some but our LED cubes come with everything already integrated. Flip any of our cubes over and you can access the rechargeable battery in seconds. The lights are tucked away nice and safe in the unit for protection and always ready to shine. Simply plug your battery or wall plug in for instant action. In addition our lighting is standard with full color changing options at your control. Use the remote and instantly change colors, flash, strobe, adjust brightness, pattern speed, and more. For event professionals are cubes will save you time, hassle, and space. In addition, it's important to note that our lighting systems are designed for each product to give a nice solid lighting effect without hot spots seen in nearly all other competitors.

Our light up box design has been tried and tested with thousands sold! They have been used in nightclubs, bars, tradeshows, homes, and you name it. For a quality product you can count on be sure to research our products.

If you have want to see a list of the sizes we stock click here, but remember we can custom size of any of our designs to your needs. We are the factory!