Thursday, August 14, 2014

We have the technology. We can make signs better, stronger, faster!

Six Million Dollar Signs

If you've never seen the intro to the six million dollar man then that might make this blog's title seem a little odd. However, many of the products we build at make me want to say this to customers. We really do make some awesome products and our light box signs are less expensive, better looking, and do their job better than most other signs out there. Throw in the fact that we can easily custom size or shape our lighted signs and, well you get the picture.

 Light Box Signs

These signs pictured to the left come in varying shapes or rectangles and squares. We offer several sizes in each model but you can custom order these with a simple phone call. All sign prices on our site include your choice graphics in the price.

These signs come ready for plug and play operation. Standard options include white lighting with the option to upgrade to remote controlled color changing lights.

View our light box signs here. Remember that we'll need your logo file in a ready to print vector based format. This allows us to scale your logo to the proper size without distortion.

 Edge Lit Signs

We also carry a great selection of LED edge lit signs like one of our ready to purchase signs to the right. Again, just upload your desired graphics at checkout and we put them on your sign at no extra charge.

 Hanging Two Sided Signs

We even make signs that are visible from two sides like this one here. This two sided light box sign hangs from a hook any where you want. This way traffic can see your message on either side. This lighted signs includes your graphics at no extra charge too!
Custom Shaped LED Signs

Here is a neat sign where we profiled the outside edge to match the customers provided graphics file. If you have a custom sign idea get in touch with us today!