Saturday, August 1, 2015

Light Up Party Rental Decor is a leading supplier of acrylic columns, pedestals, and decor. Our designs offer many benefits for party rental companies.

These are not just open boxes. Everything is designed for ease of operation. On the bottom of our lighted mini columns you'll find everything is sealed in and ready for plug and play operation. We'll save you labor right off the bat. Next each unit is designed with recessions underneath to house a rechargeable batteries. We all know you don't want cords running through the place so we have that covered as well. Your rechargeable battery pops in quickly for cordless operation.

The new mini columns are 12x12x32 and can be used a straight lighted decor, LED drink tables, and more. The small size allows easy transport to and from your special events.

If your party rental company is looking for the latest in light up decor and furniture products then look no further!

Built in the USA and ready to help you increase your bottom line. Check out today!