Friday, August 13, 2010

The glowing cube by BarChefs

BarChefs has now released 2 new versions of their glowing LED cubes. Glow cubes are made with solid acrylic panels and include everything in one easy to operate package. Optional protective transport bags are even available for event companies frequently moving them around.

The insides feature a custom designed LED lighting pole designed to eliminate hot spots, as opposed to shining one bright light inside. Each peace includes a remote control that gives you numerous options like 20 static colors, color jump, color fade, strobe, brightness, and speed control.

When ordering you can choose a wall plug version or upgrade with a rechargeable battery. Depending on the battery size you can run a glow cube up to 12 hours or more, on a single charge. Wall plug versions are completely sealed on all 6 sides for ease of care, operation, and placement. Rechargeable versions have a small centralized hole on one side to allow access to your battery.

While any size can be custom ordered, many standard sizes are now available direct in our glowing furniture store.