Saturday, July 12, 2014

Light up table design

Light Up Table & Surface Design

Welcome to a leading designer of LED tables, surfaces, and furniture in the USA. We bring your bar, nightclub, restaurant, and tradeshow designs to life. We offer a huge variety of standard light up tables on our site that can be easily purchased right now. Also, we build dozens of custom LED tables each month upon request. Just contact us for more details. To the left you can see one of our DESIGN Series light up end tables. This table features solid acrylic design with color changeable LED Lights. Personally, I keep one in my child's bedroom and it makes a great night light.

To the right is our SIMPLISTIC Series 36" LED Table. It's designed to have a clean cut appearance. The frame is welded in house from aluminum tube and the top is solid acrylic. Just use the remote to change colors. You can even add a rechargeable battery upgrade, that hides underneath, to run these at offsite events for up to 12 hours. Check our site to see other common table sizes.

Next, check out this hexagon shaped lighted dining table to the left. This is sure to please your dinner crowd. The unlighted edge style you see here we call our standard led table design. The clamshell design features a wooden substrate underneath. This is important as it allows you to easily remove or change the table bases as desired. This way you can even use bases you already own saving you tons of money.

This is just a very small selection of our designs. We have dozens of ready to go lighted table styles available and hundreds of custom designs behind us. Check out our site at for all of your light up table design needs. Here are a few more random shots to enjoy.