Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lighted Bottle Steps is a leading manufacturer and designer of lighted bar steps. Many of our designs have changed the face of how LED bottle displays are imagined. Not only have we taken design to the forefront but we've tested dozens of shapes, sizes, and lighting schemes to tackle questions most often asked by bar owners.

PRO Series displays offer slightly brighter lighting and higher steps per level than our standard models, and feature twice the lighting and a 5" high by 5" deep shelf, while standard versions are 3.5" high by 4.75" deep. Above you can see two versions of our PRO Series lighted bottle step in different levels and lengths.

Another popular design are wraparound lighted bar steps like what is pictured above. This style can be accessed from a 360 degree range. The bottoms are typically machined to house a no hot spot lighting system and hidden plug recession. In this photo you can see how lighting is positioned to best fill all areas.

Above you can see two examples of black sided lighted liquor bottle steps. does not use wood in this style. Black acrylic is used to create a high gloss uniform siding as opposed to painted wood.

Above you can see an very cool custom design we offer. You imagination is the limit when it comes to custom light up liquor displays for your bar or nightclub. If you can sketch your idea out on paper we can create a 3d render of your design for approval. This acrylic lighted bottle displays are perfect for branding as well so contact us for details. Be sure to fan us on facebook to view hundreds of photos of custom designs we have done in the past at