Sunday, July 20, 2014

Liven up your catering risers and stands

Do you know a catering company or bakery still stuck in the stone age with their risers and props?

Guide them on over to to choose from dozens of ready to go acrylic light up cake & catering displays.

We make dozens of ready to go lighted displays.

LED Cake Pads
Lighted cupcake pyramid displays
Glowing risers
Light up fruit & garnish trays
Lots more!

If one of our ready to use products does not fit your design we can custom build. Since we're the manufacturer custom designs are just a phone call away. Chances are that if you can draw your design we can build it.

Most of our items are made with catering companies in mind. We know that plugs are not always available at off site events.
That's why most of our products integrate with rechargeable battery packs for wireless operation. We try to ask the questions you would ask.

Our items are made with top notch stuff too.

The lights are rated at over 50,000.

We never use cheap plastics in our designs.

Our people are always ready to communicate by phone or email.

If you want a light up catering or cake stand be sure to check us out online or give a call. We'd love to discuss your store or offsite catering display ideas.